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Openings available TODAY! 

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Join our team today! 
We can't wait to meet you.  Give us a call or send an e-mail to find out more information about interning with the Rock Falls Chamber.  Interns work a team oriented environment, where they lead their own projects and learn skills that will help their career.  Internships are open to high school and college students, as well as individuals looking to expand their career opportunities.

For questions about the internship program, contact Sam Smith, President/CEO at  or call 815-625-4500


2022 Business Leadership Award 
for Rock Falls Chamber of Commerce Internship Program


The Rock Falls Chamber board and staff are passionate about providing opportunities for people to connect with their community and develop their skills.  In 2021 the Rock Falls Chamber is providing a Spring and Summer Internship Program for individuals to serve and grow.


The Rock Falls Chamber offers internships to college and high school students to gain experience in the business world.  Each intern engages in a customized program with unique project and skill development opportunities.  “We believe in building a future for young people in our community,” says Sam Smith, President/CEO.  “Our internships are more than coffee and copies.  They are about helping a student build a career that will both benefit their future and our local economy.  They leave our program as a more valuable hire and with a deeper understanding of what our community offers.”  The Rock Falls Chamber has provided volunteer internships since 2006.  Many of the students have found excellent jobs and link their placement to the skills they learned or people they have met through their service at the Rock Falls Chamber.


“We are seeking people who are ready to put more tools in their toolbox,” says Smith.  “Internships are a great way to try out a certain field, learn about what you like, what you do not, and what you are good at.  In the past, we have offered interns job shadowing, project management, leadership training, meetings with elected officials, and more.” A student does not need to be enrolled in a specific field of study but should have an interest in one of the following fields: Business, Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, Non-Profit Work, Event Planning, and more.

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