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"Light weight" volunteer opportunities that make a difference

​Contact:, or call 815-625-4500

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The Rock Falls Chamber is seeking a new type of volunteer to join our team!

The Chamber is seeking individuals who are free during daytime hours, willing to lend a hand, love their community, and able to share a smile.  Volunteers who participate in the Community Club will help do the “light work” of Rock Falls Chamber events.  Assignments will be people oriented, including saying hello as visitors enter events, helping with mailings, sharing in celebrations, passing out paperwork, giving directions, and helping guests feel welcome.

“We believe every person has skills to offer their community and that we need everyone’s help,” says Sam Smith, President/CEO. “We regularly meet individuals who want to help their community, but feel like they can’t quite keep up with the commitment and requirements of larger and more physical volunteer projects.  We are now working to match these individuals with meaningful volunteer opportunities. The Rock Falls Chamber’s Community Club is a perfect fit for individuals who are retired, home during the day, and/or physically require “light weight” volunteering.”

Join our team today! 
We can't wait to meet you.  Give us a call or send an e-mail to find out more information about being a part of the Community Club with the Rock Falls Chamber. We ask all Community Club volunteers to fill out an application, so we can match you with the perfect volunteer assignments. Applications may be submitted by e-mail or in person. | 601 W. 10th Street

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